Publishing your first article

1. Adding a new article:

On Articles page, you have two options to add a new article:

  • on the table of contents click on the three dots icon icon and select Add Article;
  • in the lower right-hand corner you will click the Plus-button.


Please note: Using the first way you will add your new articte to the section where you pressed threed dots icon button. For the second approach - the new articte will be placed to the same section where you are now.

After that. in the popup window enter the name of your article. This name will be automatically assigned to the article’s URL, but if you need - you can change the URL later (in the sentings). In the same popup, select the format of the article – Markdown, HTML, or Plain text.

2. Editing and saving your article

On the Edit article page (which opens after the previous step) you can add any article content using the selected markup language (Markdown or HTML). You can also insert images and links to other articles or external web-pages. Besides the article content you can also change its title, URL and other fields which are described in this article more in details. Any change in the article are saved automatically (every few seconds) or by pressing Close editing button.

3 image for Publishing Your First Article

3. Publishing

When you create a new article (or start to edit an existing one) Aistant created a new version of this article and put it in a "Draft" state which means that your changes are not visible to the public. Your article can stay in this state as long as it's necessary - you can add more modifications, discuss your changes with the collegues or even undo everything back to the previous version. When you think your changes are ready - you can publish current Draft to make it visible to the world. This can be done in two ways:

  • via Publish button, placed on the editing page;
  • with the help of the Publish Changes link on the article's view page (see screenshots below).

4 image for Publishing Your First Article

Use "permalink" link to see your article's public view. The final URL will have the following structure: https://{team-id}{kb-id}/article-url, where is the unique ID of your team and is the unique name of your KB. Both these values are selected during the registration and can be changed later.

Good luck with your articles!