The Questions page shows all questions that have ever been linked to your knowledge base (KB) articles. The questions are shown in the format "Question title + Linked articles". Click a link to the article to view its excerpt. Aistant_13 To add a question to the article, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Articles page.
  2. Select the article to which you are going to add a question.
  3. In the panel on the right, click Add question.
  4. Enter the title of the question and optional details, and then click Add. Aistant_11
  5. The question appears both under QUESTIONS in the article details on the right and on the Questions page.


Click the three dots icon icon next to the question title to access the following options:

  • Edit: Modify the title and details of the question.
  • Unlink: Remove the link between the article and the question. As a result, the question will not be displayed in the article details, but you can still find it on the Questions page.
  • Delete: Remove the question both from the article details and the Questions page.

For more information about articles, see Articles and Getting Started.