Branded help center

Fully customizable public help center website. Your own logo, layout, header/footer, styles, etc. Published at https://your-team-id.aistant.com or under your custom domain.

Text editor

Rich text editor for documentation articles with support for Markdown or HTML formats.

Article management

A possibility to organize your content with sections, tags, and questions.


Each article in your documentation can have as many versions as you need. A new version is created automatically on each essential change. You can have one version that is published currently and continue work on the next draft at the same time.

Fast and convenient search with suggestions (powered by AI) that helps your users find answers on their own, without contacting your support team.


This feature is very handy when you want to point your client to a particular piece of some help article or tutorial. You can easily generate a custom link to an article which will highlight the necessary part of it when opened.
Here is an example

Custom domain or in-site integration

You can assign a custom domain to your documentation site or even integrate the help center pages right with your main website (here is an example).

Shared access

You can add your team members and set up different access levels and roles.


What content user search for, how often, etc.

Coming soon...

  • Private knowledge bases A possibility to set up a website with internal documentation

  • Tutorial mode A simple and quick way of creating and publishing tutorials for products or services;

  • Search widget Customizable search bar for your website. Full control over the search suggestions. Search queries analytics.

  • Site Answering Machine Fully customizable, an AI-powered widget for your website which allows your users to ask any questions an get answers in an interactive model.