Basic Concepts

AIstant functionality involves the following basic concepts:

  • User account An account represents one person who can access Aistant Console and manage the resources (articles, search requests, files, etc) of some team.
  • Team. You can consider a team as a group of user accounts which share some common resources (knowledge bases, sites).
  • Knowledge Base A set of articles about some product or service, which you can add, edit, and group by sections. The articles can be located both within the sections and in the knowledge base (KB) root folder, i.e. not belong to any of the sections. Each new user gets access to a KB that they can fill. By default, AIstant contains one KB, but you can add extra KBs under ADMINISTRATION > Knowledge Bases in the navigation bar on the left. The further articles will give more details on how to fill and edit the AIstant Knowledge Base.
  • Article A single document that you can access separately by URL. You can edit and format the article content using the Markdown syntax or HTML and formatting tools in the editor. For each article, you can assign tags to each article to facilitate the search.
  • Section A section allows you to organize your articles and view them as a tree-like structure, thus improving the navigation experience.
  • Tag A keyword that facilitates the search for articles. You can view a list of all tags that the article authors have created in AIstant under Tags in the navigation bar on the left.
  • File/Image Graphic elements and documents that you can use in the articles. You can upload files and/or images either directly in the article editor or under Files/Images in the navigation bar on the left.