The main goal of Aistant - is to reduce the burden on your support team by allowing your users to find the needed answers on their own - without even contacting your support.

Aistant includes several different tools and techniques which allows you to achieve this goal or, at least, to bring you closer to it. The main parts of our tools set are:

1. Customizable help center

Good documentation and tutorials - is the key component for providing the best support for your customers. With Aistant you get your public documentation website up and running within minutes.

2. Search widget (coming soon...)

If you don't have time to create a fully functional help center yet - you can start with a small search widget for your website, so your visitors will be able to find necessary information with a few keystrokes or contact you if the information they need can't be found.

NB: This function is not available yet but we are goint to release it in the nearest future.

See the following articles in this section to get a more detailed view of Aistant's possibilities or proceed to Getting Started section if you are ready to start.

Basic Concepts

AIstant functionality involves the following basic concepts: Knowledge Base : A set of articles about some product or service, which you can add, edit, and group by sections. The articles can be located both within the sections and in the knowledge base (KB) root folder, i.e. not belong to any of the sections. Each new user gets access to a KB that they can fill