Aistant Console

Aistant Console is a special area of website where you can manage all aspects of your Aistant account: knowledge bases, articles, team members, etc. In the following articles we will desribe each section of the Console more in details.


The Home page is a dashboard where you can quickly evaluate the current state of the system, see the latest changes, and access the most frequently used actions, such as recently modified articles. Knowledge base: : Public URL of the selected knowledge base (KB) and a list of recently modified articles within this KB


On the Articles page, you can add new articles, edit the existing ones, and organize them into sections. Actually on this page you create your knowledge base with documentation. The page has the following structure: The panel on the left displays the contents of the KB - hierarchically organized sections and articles within those sections


Tags are keywords that you can use to quickly find articles in your knowledge base (KB). The Tags page shows all tags that have ever been added to your KB articles. The name of the tag is displayed together with articles to which it is linked. To add new tags to the list, folow these steps: Open the Articles section. Select the article that you are going to tag


The Questions page shows all questions that have ever been linked to your knowledge base (KB) articles. The questions are shown in the format "Question title + Linked articles". Click a link to the article to view its excerpt. To add a question to the article, follow these steps: Open the Articles page. Select the article to which you are going to add a question


On the Files/Images page, you manage image files that can be uploaded to the articles. After you select a file to be uploaded, a dialog with the following parameters opens: Filename : The name of the file that is shown only on the Files/Images page within AIstant. Folder : By default, the folder is images , but you can create a new folder, for example, documents , to organize your files